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seton portage, british columbia

Seton Portage is a semi-remote gem. Only a two hour drive from Pemberton along scenic mountain roads or a little over an hour from Lillooet, it's well worth the trip. From rainbow trout fishing in the nearby lakes, to exploring the hiking trails in the surrounding mountains, this small community offers a friendly and comfortable place to stay while enjoying the area. Also rich in St’át’imc Tsal’alh culture, Seton Portage is a place of beauty, history and recreation.

Nestled between two pristine lakes, Seton Portage became a hub of activity in the 1850s with the start of the Gold Rush. Steamships were first used on the lakes and then to make it easier to transport people through the area, they built British Columbia’s first railway line. Although no longer in operation, visitors can still take the scenic Kaoham Shuttle train between Seton Portage and Lillooet for mountain and wildlife views.

BC Hydro's Bridge River Complex

Situated just north of Seton Portage is an electrical generating complex operated by BC Hydro called Bridge River. Originally built by the BC Electric Company in 1927 to supply Vancouver with power, the Bridge River Complex was finally completed in 1960.

The Bridge River hydroelectric complex consists of three dams and stores water in three reservoirs for four generating stations. The system uses Bridge River water three times in succession to generate 492 megawatts, or 6 to 8 per cent of British Columbia's electrical supply. The three dams are LaJoie Dam, Terzaghi Dam and Seton Dam. The three reservoirs are Downton Reservoir, Carpenter Reservoir and Seton Lake Reservoir. The four generating stations are LaJoie GS located at Gold Bridge, Bridge River #1 GS and Bridge River #2 GS located at Shalalth and Seton GS located at Lillooet. BC Hydro operates recreation areas on Seton Lake Reservoir (Naxwit Picnic Area, Seton Beach, Seton Viewpoint, Seton Dam Campground and the Bridge River Picnic Site) and on Carpenter Reservoir (Gun Creek Campground).

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